Time to change your mind? Fill your iPod with (free) positive thoughts.

I’ve got 2 iPods, an older iPod nano 2Gb and an 8Gb nano which was an impulse purchase on the apple store when I bought my mac mini. I justified the 8GM because plays video and I wanted to video while I commuted to and from work. The older nano has been rattling around the house not doing much until I had the idea to turn it into the ‘lazy girl’s positivity pod’. I’d love to get up and meditate every day but some mornnings it just doesn’t happen. Some days I’m just too sleepy or running late. These days are the days I need to fill my brain with positive thougths the most.

I’ve managed to fill my 2Gb iPod with almost entirely free content to help attract positive thoughts. Here’s a list of the podcasts I’ve added:

Ajahn Brahm’s Dharma Talks (average length 1hr)- A light-hearted and funny take on life and Buddhism from the Buddhist Society of Western Australia

Guided Meditation Podcast (average length 30 mins)-Also from the Buddhist Society of WA, some are more secular than others. All are great for guiding your mind to a better place.

The Daily Boost (average length 1o minutes)- Scott is a bit full on but his ideas stick. Scott comes from a background as a fitness trainer and proffesional DJ and gets in your head real fast.

Motivation to Move (daily- 1minute, Weekly 30 minutes)- Another one from Scott Smith. I’ve been listening to this for nearly 5 years Fantastic if you’re just starting your fitness journey or getting back after a ‘break’.

Meditation Station (average length 10 minutes)- Anyone can commit to this amount of time!

My thought Coach (average length 5 mins)- This is going to be my manditory morning wake up. Not even going to the toilet until this is done!

People Building (average length 50 mins)- Appears to be more to do with NLP techniques. Not quite as polished as some other podcasts. I’ll take her on my dog walks and see how we get on.

A Quiet Mind (average length 15 minutes)

TEDtalks (average length 15 minutes)- Inspirational technology, education and design lectures from the world’s leading speakers

Weightloss and the Mind (average length 30 minutes)

Zencast (average length 1 hour)- I first downloaded Zencast for their ‘intro to meditation’ series. Gil has a beautifully unassuming way of speaking which draws you in and calms any fears. I’ve been listening now for at least 3 years.

Not free but excellent audiobooks I’ve listened to recently.

Brainsync – Only $10 US each, The Secret meditation is fantastic. I wake up feeling so different when I do this one. Winning is also great.

Paul McKenna’s Supreme Self Confidence- Pop this one into your friendly search engine and give it a go 😉

The Biology of Belief- Bruce H Lipton (iTunes Store link) – A truly amazing look into epigenetics, a new stream of science linking consciousness to your body’s function at a cellular level.

Please add your favourites to the comments section so that we can all benefit.

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