Catch up and refocus

I seem to only pay attention to this blog on Sunday’s. A bit slack I know.

It’s been a pretty unsettled week for me. Stephen went away to Melbourne on Wednesday morning and I had my Dad for dinner in the evening. We had the most yummy Thai salad, which I will share soon.

He brought bad news, that his Mum had been taken to hospital after her cancer had taken a turn for the worst. He was heading out to see her on Friday and to share her 90th birthday. It turned into a late night so I slept in Thursday morning because I didn’t have to rush home from work to spend time with Stephen. However, shortly after I got to work Dad rang with the bad news that Mim (his Mum) had passed away. She was an amazing woman. One of the first female pilots in the US. A high-school science teacher, who inspired thousands of kids. She was always full of energy. She was still flying planes and going to the gym 4 times a week this time last year. Her sense of humour has spread right through all our family and it’s so obvious we are related when we get together. The last 6 months would have been very tough for her as she always wanted to be doing things and meeting with people and her body wasn’t able. I am happy that her suffering is over and that she can now find a new body to have adventures in. I feel compassion for the people who where closest to her; my Dad, uncle and aunt and her amazing sister, Catherine who’s hearts are very much broken right now.

Much to my disappointment (and I’m sure Mim’s) I dropped the ball a bit for the rest of the week. Partaking in morning tea on Thursday morning, and a big meal out with my dad Thursday night. Followed by a few not to great meals out while I’m here in Melbourne. I am however proud to say I made all my trianing sessions. Squeezing in Thursday night in the last 30 mins before the gym closed. All my sadness made me strong and I did 3 sets of unassisted NG chins. Friday’s training was a bit of a comedown. My mind wasn’t on it and I was weak as a kitten. Flattened from the sad news, preparing for an important meeting and packing to travel. Saturday I ran stairs at our accommodation. 

Last night I had an idea I was going to hunt out chilli mud crab for dinner. It ended up being a bit of a Szechuan feast. This morning I woke and decided it was time to refocus and remember my goals. Look out world here I come.

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