3 (or 1) Metabolic Workouts

Metabolic training is simple. For me it’s cardio without the running. It’s where I have fun. Sunday training is Metabolic Training for me., I call it ‘Sunday Funday’. The rules are simple I just have to show up at the gym and do whatever seems fun.

Yesterday I did a minimal equipment workout. It was fun and a good smasher too. There’s actually 3 workout ideas which I combined into one monster fun session. If you don’t have kettlebells any dumbell which will let your knuckles sit underneath them.

T-spine rotation
Ball rollout scapular stretch
Spiderman walk 10m
Inchworms 10m
Bear walk 10m
Crab walk 10m
Leapfrog over the bench x10

Workout 1: Cosgrove’s evil 8 barbell complex
Obviously I didn’t make this up, Allwyn Cosgrove did. The aim for women is to get the whole thing done in 15 minutes at 40kg.

A1 Bent Deadlift
A2 Romanian Deadlift
A3 Bentover Row
A4 Hang Clean
A5 Front Squat
A6 Push Press
A7 Back Squat
A8 Good Morning

Complete 6 reps per exercise with no rest. Rest 90s then complete again with 5 reps then rep down to 1 rep.

I got 17:20 at 30kg which is a 5kg improvement on last week but a little slower. I’m gonna keep working at this weight until I can get it done in 15 minutes. The hardest bit was keeping the barbell on my sweetie traps for the squats and Good Mornings.

I took 5 minutes to go on a kettlebell hunt. I ended up finding a 8kg and 10kg. I swear the gym has 2 of each but who knows were the matching ones were. The 8kg one was hiding in the spin room, OF COURSE! So it was uneven training for me.

I performed this is the same reverse pyramid fashion that the previous exercise was done in but with only 30 seconds rest and switched which hand had the heavier bell each round.

B1 Double Kettlebell swing
B2 Renegade Row (modified from knees)
B3 Plank 15 seconds (hands on bell handles)
B4 Windmills

I didn’t remember to take a time for this. I took enough time to put stuff away and grab equipment.  Then….

Round 3:
C1. Sled push 20m
C2. Bench leapfrog x 7
C3. Bench stepups x 6
C4. Army getups on bench x 5 (each side)
C5. Farmers walk 20m (20kg plate in each hand)

Repeated for 4 rounds. This was performed without rest. For the sled push I just pushed a weights bench on carpet.

I finished up with a bit of medicine ball stress releif.
D1. Medicine ball slams x 10 (4kg)
D2. Medicine ball seated twisting throws x 10 each side (4kg)
4 rounds

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